Trotignon El-Malek cover

2005, Naïve


Tracks List

Travelling cover
2023, Sunset records
2015, Diffusion radiophonique France musique
Music from source vol.II cover
Music from source vol.II
2012, Naïve
Music from source cover
Music from source
2008, Plus Loin
Talking Cure cover
Talking Cure
2003, Cristal
Organza cover
2001, Cristal
Live - Café des Arts cover
Live - Café des Arts
1999, Auto production
Fool time cover
Fool time
2007, Naïve
Trotignon El-Malek cover
Trotignon El-Malek
2005, Naïve
John Coltrane's Africa/Brass Revisited cover
John Coltrane's Africa/Brass Revisited
2021, Jazz and People
Todhe Todhe cover
Todhe Todhe
2019, ALEA
Monsieur Claude cover
Monsieur Claude
2018, CAM jazz
Les nébuleuses cover
Les nébuleuses
2016, Jazz and People
EXO cover
2016, ALEA
Colors cover
2015, Such Production
Interprets 1814 - 2014, 200 Years Of The Palmer St cover
Interprets 1814 - 2014, 200 Years Of The Palmer St
2015, Jazz and People
Sisyphe cover
2014, Plus Loin
The sweetness of a saffron wind cover
The sweetness of a saffron wind
2013, Auto production
Ressac cover
2013, Discograph
Go cover
2012, Plus Loin
Prétexte cover
2011, Discograph
Next move cover
Next move
2011, Such Production
Cubique cover
2009, Plus Loin
A l'ombre du saule pleureur cover
A l'ombre du saule pleureur
2009, Such Production
Oui cover
2007, Plus Loin
For a while cover
For a while
2007, Naïve
Golden Land cover
Golden Land
2007, ALEA
Back to my groove cover
Back to my groove
2007, Plus Loin
The thing to share cover
The thing to share
2007, Cristal
with Dave Liebman - Exploration cover
with Dave Liebman - Exploration
2006, Plus Loin
Complexe cover
2005, Les Disques Deluxe
Carte blanche cover
Carte blanche
2004, Dreyfus Jazz
Look at me now cover
Look at me now
2004, Body & Soul
Blowing Trio cover
Blowing Trio
2003, Cristal
Ilium cover
2003, Effendi
Close your eyes cover
Close your eyes
2003, Dreyfus Jazz